Space Art After Dark-Space Foundation

Last night I displayed my space art at the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs. It’s okay, I was invited. This was at their Space Art After Dark, Art and Ale event. It was nice to hang out with space enthusiasts and exhibit artwork of this genre. This is the second year I have this event and I look forward to visiting the Discovery Center. There are also many great displays and artifacts from various space programs to check out. You can learn more about the Space Foundation at

Space Foundation Art after Dark Show

Art and Ale show

I would like to thank the Space Foundation for inviting me to exhibit my artwork during their Art and Ales event. It was a great venue, with many people excited about space and aerospace. I brought seven framed prints and presented how some of them were created on the iPad. You can learn more about the space foundation at Great group of people and I hope I have the opportunity to do more events there.

2016 Hermes Creative Award and BMA Gold Key Award

BMA Awards Gala

BMA Awards Gala, President of the BMA, Jonny Hyde presenting the awards (left). Myself,Jon and Rachel of the video production company One Floor Up, which did stellar work using my creative in the videos (upper right).

I am honored to receive two awards for my work on the call for entry campaign and video created last year. The campaign was developed for the Business Marketing Association of Colorado’s Gold Key Awards in 2015. This results-based awards was also a great opportunity to be recognized for the creative work that was done last year. The entries for the BMA Gold Key awards last year increased by 29%, attendance to the awards gala was record setting, up 21% over the previous year. It is unclear if this is a direct result of this campaign, however we did meet our objectives. The videos remain as some of the most viewed videos on the BMA YouTube channel.

Gold Hermes Creative Award

Gold Hermes Creative Award

The second award come from the Hermes Creative Awards one of the largest international design competitions. According to their press release, “Hermes Creative Awards recognizes outstanding work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals.” Only 22% of the nearly 6,000 entries receive the Gold award.

Division of Planetary Sciences – Art Show

Photo courtesy of Dan Durda.

Photo courtesy of Dan Durda.

Some of best planetary scientists gathered at the 47th meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Division of Planetary Science (DPS) in Washington DC. In conjunction with the sessions discussing planets and moons, atmospheres and orbital dynamics, there is art. These curated works of art depict representations of the science at the meeting. I was fortunate to have one of my Pluto pieces selected for this show. My artwork “Nearest Pluto” illustrating the closest approach of the New Horizons probe to Pluto and the moon Charon. I touched up this small canvas print to make the foreground elements more prominent and added some gold paint to enhance the gold on the New Horizons spacecraft.

I am proud to exhibit my artwork in a place where it will be appreciated for its artist merits and as a scientific illustration.

Photo courtesy of Dan Durda.

Photo courtesy of Dan Durda.

Quest for the Key – Part 2

Illustration for BMA video

Illustration for BMA video

This is a continuation from a previous post. I was tasked to design the look and feel of the Gold Key awards for the Business Marketing Association of Colorado. You can view that post here for more context. I created the online components for the web and email. Now the ceremony for the Gold Key Awards is fast approaching. The PowerPoint presentation, the awards program and some short videos were the deliverables for this phase of the project. Additionally the date of the awards falls on the openning of the new Avengers movie and free comic book day.

The PowerPoint presentation was just a template that carried the theme I had developed. The awards program is a 72 page book that needed to be completed and printed prior to the event. The big question was the videos. In a few weeks what can we create that carries the theme and entertains three hundred marketing people. With our current workload, it didn’t look like these videos would happen.

Gold Key Awards Ceremony

Gold Key Awards Ceremony

Thankfully One Floor Up, a local video production company stepped up. My manager Jason Johnson and I met with Jon Flacke and Rachel Farha from One Floor Up. Here we discussed the narrative. We chose villains that would resonate with the audience. Foes that all those in the audience have faced, like “Scope Creep”, “Design by Committee “and “Very Short Timeline”. The emcee for the awards ceremony was Reggie Rivers former running back with the Denver Broncos, we added him to the storyline, As well as the BMA Executive Director who managed this project.
Illustrations for the video
We have the three villains and three teams in our story. A freelancer team, a corporate team and a small hipster design team. One Floor Up put together a storyboard and I would illustrate two of the three teams in graphic novel style. This gave me the opportunity to tie in the visual elements that I already created. I added to the storyline a little to give One Floor Up more material to work with. I changed the character “Very Short Timeline” to “Aggressive Timeline” to read quicker and so that I wouldn’t need to show the scale of the character in the illustrations. One Floor Up changed “Design by Committee” into a endless decision maze in the storyboard to add some interest to the narrative.

I needed to complete my set of illustrations first to set the tone and style of the work that One Floor Up needed to create. Each panel of the graphic story needed to have foreground and background elements to give the video team something to add parallax or motion to give it some life. One Floor Up had provided the narrator copy, I wrote the individual character copy to further enhance the story.

One Floor Up took my Photoshop files and added to them. They added nice visual interest to the graphic panels, and their team added voices to the characters, which was not initially scoped in our discussions. The videos turned out great and were well received by the audience. I overheard people in the parking lot still talking about the villains in the video. I think we really raised the bar for next year.

This is the first video that was presented that evening.

Here is the second video.

As One Floor Up did the artwork for the third video, I will link to it here.
Thank you One Floor Up for taking my concept and illustrations and turning them into something stellar.

Update: This Project received a 2016 Gold Hermes Creative Award and 2016 Gold Key Award from the Business Marketing Association of Colorado.

Art of Planetary Science Show

This is the second year that the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona has hosted the Art of Planetary Science show. There were over two hundred artworks from ninety artists and scientists. Art created from scientific knowledge and art created by scientists using scientific data were on display. Art inspiring science and science inspiring art was evident at this show. This weekend show attracted about a thousand visitors. I exhibited my Curiosity Rover iPad illustration and a digital alien cloudscape. I am honored to exhibit with many well renowned artists and scientists. I would to thank the Art of Planetary Science team for being so gracious and helpful with some of my logistical challenges.

My artwork was on the third floor of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona.

My artwork was on the third floor of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona.

Winner of the Ten One Design Pogo Art Contest

Ten One Design's Contest Web Page

Ten One Design’s Contest Web Page

Ten One Design is one of the first companies to produce a capacitive stylus for the iPad. Pogo is their line of stylus products. As a way of promoting their product, Ten One annually sponsors an art contest. This international competition is open to all artists using their stylus to create art on mobile devices. There were 147 entries in this year’s competition. I am honored to be one of the winners chosen this year. I was selected in the Current Events category for my artwork “First Year on Mars” commemorating the Curiosity rover’s first Martian year. More about this artwork can be found here. View the other winners and the submissions for this year here. I am proud to be among this select group of artists. This is actually my second prize-winning artwork where the subject is Mars.