Exhibition of iPad art in Seoul, Korea

Images from the Mobile Art Academy Cropped and overlay added by Me.

Images from the Mobile Art Academy Cropped and overlay added by Me.


Recently I was selected to be part of the Mobile Digital Art Exhibition in Palo Alto, California. My artwork was chosen to be one of thirty works from the show to travel to Seoul, Korea. Currently the pieces are on exhibition at Seoul’s largest public library as part of the DigiFunArt Exhibit. A showcase of digital art created on mobile devices. I am honored to be part of this show.

2014 Mobile Digital Art Exhibition – Juried Show


My artwork among many stellar pieces.Photos by the Mobile Art Academy


The Mobile Digital Art Exhibition is a celebration of art created on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android tablets and phones and iPads. The exhibition is held at the prestigious Pacific Art League in conjunction with the Mobile Digital Arts Summit in Palo Alto, California. My piece was selected out of 665 entries in the mobile digital art category. I am honored to be among many talented artists in this emerging media. The exhibition starts on August 1st. Top ten artworks will be announced soon. For more information about the Mobile Digital arts Summit and Exhibition click here. You can view the time-lapse video of this artwork at http://vimeo.com/72532390

IPad Art Demonstration

Photo by Michelle Lamoreaux

Photo by Michelle Lamoreaux

I would like to thank the MacinTech Users’ Group for inviting me to demonstrate and discuss the process of creating art on the Apple iPad. I shared a few of my time-lapse videos and demonstrated painting on the iPad by creating a quick sunset image. I also covered topics such as types of stylus, various drawing apps, exporting and file preparation for printing. I brought some canvas prints of different sizes to illustrate the print quality. I also created a time-lapse recording to demonstrate that feature in the app. The very short time-lapse video is below. Sounds like my presentation was well received. And it was allot of fun. To learn more information about the MacinTech Users’ Group visit their site at macintech.org.

MacinTech Users’ Group Demonstration from Raymond Cassel on Vimeo.

Space Art Show at the American Astronomical Society Planetary Science Meeting

IAAA Artshow at the AAS Planetary Science

Some of the best and brightest planetary scientists gathered this week in Denver. About ten percent of the attendees couldn’t make it due to the government shutdown. The International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) exhibited about fifty works of art at this conference. The subject of the works included depictions of many different planets and moons, Near Earth Objects, very distant Kuiper belt objects and visions of worlds beyond our solar system. The variety and quality of the artwork was amazing. I exhibited two limited edition prints. The International Space Station drawn on the iPad and my depiction of an exoplanet. Many of the attendees found the art exhibit to be a nice break between sessions. This was a great example of the intersection of science and art and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Attendee looking at my print at the IAAA artshow
Attendees looking at my prints.

iPad Art displayed at the CORE Gallery

My artwork at the CORE Gallery

My artwork at the CORE Gallery

One of my iPad illustrations was accepted into the CORE New Art Space gallery. This juried show opened this past Friday and continues until May 26. My piece is displayed in the connecting space between the Spark Gallery and the Core on 9th and Santa Fe Dr. See more of my illustrations created on the iPad at www.sketch.raycassel.com.

Kung-Fu Robot Illustration

Robot Illustration for DigiFest Trading Cards

Robot Illustration for DigiFest Trading Cards

Just for fun, I created this illustration for DigiFest’s Kung-Fu Robot Challenge. These illustrations will be printed on trading cards. Proceeds from the sale of the trading cards will benefit DigiFest a celebration of digital animation in film, TV, gaming and comics. These illustrations will be on display at the Colorado Alliance of Illustrator’s gallery until the end of February. The gallery is located in Denver’s Santa Fe Art District at 841 Santa Fe Drive. The gallery can be found upstairs. View all the trading cards and pre-order them here. Cards with the most orders will be animated at DigiFest in April. DigiFest will run in conjunction with StarFest.

Accepted into the Planetary Society’s PlanetFest 2012 Art Show

PlanetFest IAAA Artshow

PlanetFest IAAA Artshow photo by Aldo Spadoni

The Planetary Society’s PlanetFest 2012 was timed to celebrate NASA landing the Curiosity rover. As part of the expo the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) put on an art show focusing on Mars. I was honored to have my work accepted into this show and to be displayed with giants of the astronomical art genre.