Quest for the Key

Creative Design for BMA Call for Entries

Creative Design for BMA Call for Entries

I am on a creative team that recently won a series of accolades from the Colorado chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA). One of the honors or responsibilities that comes from winning a number of these Gold Key Awards is to design the call for entries campaign for the following year.

We proposed a number of initial concepts for the Gold Key Awards that ranged from visuals from video games to technical illustrations that tie into the thought and work that go into marketing. The theme that was chosen was “Quest for the Key”. My concept was more illustrative, making the “Quest for the Key” a graphic novel. I used brighter colors and many of the elements that are used in comic books. This was the concept they chose.

The concept started around a single dynamic image but I wanted to build a narrative that would hopefully add engagement to this campaign. These graphics are used in email communications, banner ads, a direct mail piece, PowerPoint presentation and a program guide. Jason Levy helped with the “Quest for the Key” wordmark, and Jason Johnson Art Directed the postcard.

Update: This Project received a 2016 Gold Hermes Creative Award and 2016 Gold Key Award from the Business Marketing Association of Colorado.