Portrait of an Orangutan – iPad Drawing

Orangutans are the most arboreal of the great apes and are only found in the rain forests of Boreo and Sumatra. Shrinking habitat has left the species endangered, critically endangered in Sumatra. This portrait of an orangutan was drawn on an iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app. Prints can be purchased here I created a time-lapse video of this piece, however I forgot to record part of the drawing. Click here to see the video.

This piece won a spot as runner up in the fine art category of issue 34 in the Creative Quarterly. This issue will be released this spring (2014), as a runner up it will be part of the online gallery.

Wildlife Illustrations created on the iPad

Looking Back

This drawing of a Mule Deer is inspired by a photo I took this past spring as a herd passed through our yards.There were probably about twelve wandering through raiding the trees for some food. This drawing was created on the iPad using the the Sketchbook Pro app. I also used the Pogo Connect stylus. A time-lappse video of the drawing can be viewed below. Prints may be purchased at Redbubble.com

Looking Back – Speed Painting On the iPad from Raymond Cassel on Vimeo.


This illustration was inspired by a photo taken by Philippe Sainte-Laudy. His amazing photo of the mist over the Vosges Mountains in France is stunning. I altered the scale of my version to add in a moose. I thought my version was a bit lifeless without another animal in the scene. This was created on the iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app. I also the Pogo Connect stylus. You can view a time-lapse video of this work below.

Misty Landscape by Ray Cassel from Raymond Cassel on Vimeo.

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The Chase

This ink sketch is meant to capture the awkward angle created at high speed in a turn. The out-stretched tail balancing the body. The tension in the moment involves the viewer to complete the narrative by imagining if the prey is close or just out of reach.

Created with Indian ink and watercolor on paper. Measuring 10 inches by 5 inches.

About to Fledge

About to Fledge

About to Fledge

A robin built a nest on one of our flood lights. I’ve been watching the nest as the baby birds were developing. This drawing was done just a couple of day before they fledged. This five inches by six inches drawing was created with pen and ink on paper.

Weedy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragon Painting

Weedy Sea Dragon Painting

This painting was inspired by a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Weedy Sea Dragon uses vibrant patterns to break up it’s shape in order to camouflage it’s appearance. The Weedy Sea Dragon can be found in the “Secret Lives Of Sea Horses” exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As I understand it, that exhibit will be replaced in the near future. This artwork was created with Staedtler watercolor pencils, and acrylic washes on paper. The finished artwork is 5 inches by 10 inches. This print is available for purchase. Click Here for details.