Peregrine Falcon Watercolor Paintings – Fine Art

Falcons for HawkQuest
These two paintings of a Peregrine Falcon are a gift the HawkQuest a wonderful environmental education outreach organization based in Parker, Colorado. I’ve been a volunteer with HawkQuest for thirteen years now, and every year one of my paintings becomes a gift to a lucky volunteer. These two paintings memorialize the male Peregrine Falcon that had passed away this year. The painting on the left is how the staff of HawQuest would like to remember him, in flight while being exercised. The painting on the right will be given away during the holiday party to a volunteer.

HawkQuest is nonprofit with 35 non-releasable birds-of-prey which are used to educate the public about the role of Raptors in the ecosystem and environmental stewardship. Please consider making a donation to HawkQuest during Colorado gives day on December 10th. Your donation is tax deductable. Click here to donate.