Juno Mission – Digital Illustration

Juno Mission

On July 4th the Juno spacecraft will transition from space flight to orbit. After five years in space and approaching Jupiter at a mind boggling speed of 165,000 mph. The spacecraft will fire it’s thrusters, putting it in a wide polar orbit. The first two orbits will take over a hundred days to complete. Juno also has the distinction of being the farthest spacecraft to use solar power. The polar orbit will keep the spacecraft oriented to the sun. Juno’s suite of instruments will provide a wealth of information about Jupiter’s magnetic field, auroras, composition and atmosphere.

Juno over the Great Red Spot

Juno over the Great Red Spot

The Juno model was built and rendered in Lightwave 3D. The thermal blankets (foil) was modeled in Sculprtis. Image enhancements in Photoshop. Prints and merchandise can be purchased here.

Juno Mission

2016 Hermes Creative Award and BMA Gold Key Award

BMA Awards Gala

BMA Awards Gala, President of the BMA, Jonny Hyde presenting the awards (left). Myself,Jon and Rachel of the video production company One Floor Up, which did stellar work using my creative in the videos (upper right).

I am honored to receive two awards for my work on the call for entry campaign and video created last year. The campaign was developed for the Business Marketing Association of Colorado’s Gold Key Awards in 2015. This results-based awards was also a great opportunity to be recognized for the creative work that was done last year. The entries for the BMA Gold Key awards last year increased by 29%, attendance to the awards gala was record setting, up 21% over the previous year. It is unclear if this is a direct result of this campaign, however we did meet our objectives. The videos remain as some of the most viewed videos on the BMA YouTube channel.

Gold Hermes Creative Award

Gold Hermes Creative Award

The second award come from the Hermes Creative Awards one of the largest international design competitions. According to their press release, “Hermes Creative Awards recognizes outstanding work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals.” Only 22% of the nearly 6,000 entries receive the Gold award.

Enhanced Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft – Digital Illustration

Enhanced Cygnus Spacecraft by Orbital ATK

Enhanced Cygnus Spacecraft by Orbital ATK

Enhanced Cygnus Spacecraft

Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft that has been making regular deliveries of cargo to the International Space Station. Orbital ATK and it’s partners, have upgraded the Cygnus from 2000 kg of cargo to 3,200 kg in it’s pressurized cargo module. The rectangular accordion solar panels have been replaced by the lighter Ultraflex solar arrays. You can view my illustration of the previous version here

The background is drawn or painted on the Apple iPad using the Sketchbook Pro app and the Apple Pencil. The foreground is modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d. Photoshop was used to create some texture maps.

cygnus-enhanced cargo spacecraft

Introducing the BB-Series – Animation

Introducing the BB Series from Raymond Cassel on Vimeo.

I wanted to create a project that uses the physics engine within Lightwave 3D the program I use for my illustrations. I was inspired by the droid in the recent Star Wars movie. I thought I could use the physics engine to animate the ball moving along a rugged terrain then animate the head on top of it. I used a modelling program, Sculptris by Pixologic to create a terrain model. I tilted the model, dropped the ball over a set number of frames which created the rolling animation. The program calculated the collision of the ball and the terrain and created a path for the animation. The head is keyframed to match the position of the rolling ball. The sequence is about ten seconds.

I decided to create a couple additional sequences to make a 30 second video introducing the BB-droid in the Star Wars universe. Imagining the company that makes the R2 droids now had to show off their latest model. This was a fun little project that taught me some new skills. I hope you enjoy it.

This project is NOT affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm.

Female Kestrel – Acrylic on Handmade Paper

Painting of a female American Kestrel puffed up to stay warm

This painting of a female American Kestrel, the smallest falcon we have in North America, is “puffed up” on a cold winter morning. This painting is my annual contribution to the HawkQuest holiday party. HawkQuest a wonderful environmental education outreach organization based in Parker, Colorado. A nonprofit with 35 non-releasable birds-of-prey which are used to educate the public about the role of raptors in the ecosystem and environmental stewardship. I’ve been a volunteer with HawkQuest for fifteen years now, and every year one of my paintings becomes a gift to a lucky volunteer. HawkQuest’s female kestrel is named Melody, the Kanji on the right says “Cold Melody”.