Morris Animal Foundation – Thank You Card


The client was looking to replace a large and involved donor welcome packet with a small folded piece that tells the story of Morris Animal Foundation. They wanted it to be colorful and inviting and I desired for it to be artistic and sophisticated to give the piece some “stickiness” so it would less likely be thrown away by the recipient. As the piece opens up, each panel tells the donor that they are helping small companion animals, horses, and wildlife with their donation.

This donor thank you card combines hand painted elements with digitally drawn and manipulated artwork. I had created silhouette graphics for the client in Adobe Illustrator for some previous projects. Some of these were transferred to watercolor paper where a wash of bright color was applied, then they were scanned in and composited together. Layers of additional color, artistic filters, and design elements were added.

The client loved the piece and it was well received by donors as well. Additionally the piece saved a significant amount postage over the welcome/thank you packet that it replaced.